All Diners Club Casinos Reviews

Rank Casino Bonus Action Review
1 25% up to $100
18+ | T&C Apply


All Slots
2 100% up to $1,000
18+ | T&C Apply


3 100% up to $1600
18+ | T&C Apply


4 100% up to 150$
18+ | T&C Apply


Royal Vegas
5 $160 FREE
18+ | T&C Apply



Diners Club is an international financial agency, which is in the rating of 5 biggest payment methods around the planet. The players of many digital casinos have an amazing opportunity to exploit it for arranging internal transactions.

It was built up in 1950 – long ago enough. Today it is taken in as the begetter of the relevant business. The key accomplishment of the firm is that they contrived to be the first to launch the charge card production – the initial and original in the world.

They formed their personal accounting system. Since 2009, the corporation became the ownership of the Discover Financial Services, which had bought it for $165,000,000. DC cards are supported at the locations of 207 nations.

The backstory of the creation is rather fun. Years ago, a gentleman was having a meal with a business partner. It was in NY and the name of that guy was Frank McNamara.

When the waiter in the restaurant had brought the check, he realized he had left the wallet behind. That was a moment when an idea was born in his mind. In such manner, the first DC paying unit was created. It was in 1949.

Privileges of Diners Club Casino Banking

Nowadays the Diners Club is accepted by many online gambling houses. Being international, it allows the thrill-seekers from each continent using it for virtual casino account funding.

The card is today associated with status, prestige and comfort. That is also authority and sustainability: electronic, physical and other unique issues for the data protection are used in this method (it provides the complete safety of the gambler information and anti-fraudster insurance).

It is very favorable and easy to exploit. Instant banking is one more prerogative. In addition, it is really very fast. The customer support team will help to solve any question considering the operations.

Diners Club

Credit Card Member Rewards

The players who utilize this mechanism are greatly encouraged. The thing is that such gamblers – the entrants of the DC – are offered multiple discounts and privileges in various both land-based institutions and online betting rooms.

The operators often provide exclusive prizes for simply using the functionality for the transactions. That can be free cash, for instance. It is provided in many languages – as the system is trans-border one, it should satisfy the needs of all thrill-seekers.

Mobile Apps to Use

The access is widened by dint of the mobile application occurrence. For more flexibility, availability and mobility, Android and iOS customers can download it on the portable gadgets like conventional handies or tablets and pay anytime either at home, while business trip or on the go.

International Money Transactions – Do It Easy!

One of the options is depositing. Initially, you should own the card. Visit the web page and request an application. You will be proposed to opt either individual or business one. Choose the first. After that, pick the region you live in.

You will be shifted to the web environment of the chosen land and prepare to indicate your e-mail there, tick the user’s regulations agreement and signify if you are an entrant of the club or not.

You will then get a link – follow it and you will come across the registration form which gotta be entirely filled. Having signed in, you can wait till the card is formed for you.

Now we will discuss the process of funding with its help. Log in to the online gaming lobby you intend to play. There you will encounter the Cashier section – go there. From the bead-roll of feasible methods – opt the Diners Club one.

In most matters, you will be suggested to complete the form mentioning your city, address, zip-code and the amount of the deposit you are eager to make. Press “Next” or “Deposit” button and the gains will be counted to your virtual gambling balance.

Unfortunately, that is impossible to withdraw the winnings by dint of this service. So, we advise to seek for the other means to draw out the cash. That can be diverse eWallets like Skrill, PayPal, Neteller or simply deal with the wire transfer.

Land coverage

Diners Club Hidden Troubles or What Should I Know?

The employment of the charge card can cause no troubles or misunderstandings. However, the other factors can spoil the convenience and satisfaction. Anyway, the players should know what to anticipate when applying for the banking unit and preparing to use it for topping up the web account.

Charge and Fees

First of all, be ready to the fees. The DC itself suggests no charges – it depends on your bank, it establishes the charge. It imposes a certain percent or even a stable sum that will be automatically counted from your total.

This hidden pitfall may confuse and disappoint – so before applying, get to know all the intricacies of the additional payments. Although, there is an annual fee for the unit usage (Premier type, for instance) – it is $95.

No Warranty?

Nevertheless, the personal data of all thrill-seekers is protected, there is no anonymity at all. The possibility of third parties involvement is not excepted. The service gives no guarantees that the money you send will come as intended. You should believe on its bare word. Regardless of these drawbacks, millions of the players still utilize the mechanism.

Other Limitation of Liability

One more thing that can frustrate is really high limits. The payment method requires to make rather huge deposits. If you admire to fund merely $5 – that, presumably, will be rejected.

Big credit is the distinctive characteristic of the program, however, it grandiosely tears down the standing of the Diners Club International. Nothing is perfect – we see that and keep on utilizing what we got used to.