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Getting Access

Boomer portal does not require any extra moves from the visitors of the site. The usage of the blog does not include the registration of a personal account with some private information revealed.

Simplifying the process of seeking data about online gambling, Boomer provides a wide range of surveys about casinos with different software suppliers, banking mechanisms, countries, formats, and more.

Also, you can check the write-ups of various games that can be found online in the top gambling houses. Herewith, I point out the fact that the Boomer site does not take any responsibility for some unexpected errors, mistakes, losses, or any other damage that may appear in the result of your reading the content.

The information provided in this blog is based on general conditions in the gambling industry, however, the practice mode includes Random Number Generator, which makes the course of the gameplay unpredictable and unique.

Also, when entering any gambling house online, you should examine its Terms and Conditions beforehand, since some points as restricted countries, bonus rules, and more can be crucial for you.

Responsible Gaming

When treated in the wrong way, online gambling can become a serious problem for each participant. The pastime is more than serious, that is why, whether you are just a reader of the blog, or a real money payer of a casino, you are allowed to deal with the leisure only if you are 18+ years old.

All the underage people are not permitted to gamble or be connected with the pastime according to the law. The adult casino runners, in their turn, should recognize that the virtual gaming experience is a sort of fun only.

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Changes in the Terms

The Boomer site reserves the right to modify, change, update and alter the presented terms and conditions in any way. The adjustment can take place at any point according to my personal ideas and views. They can be connected with implementation of new features, such as comments or forum, or delete of some old point in the content or in the facilities.

Please, mind that the site won’t send you a notification once anything is changed. That is why, each visitor should enter the page once in a while and check for updated and new intelligence. In case you keep reading my articles and using the service, Boomer takes it as an automatic agreement with the rules.

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