Privacy & Cookies Policy

It should be appreciated that Boomer updates the Privacy and Cookies Policy on occasion. Any changes or updates will be published without your notice.

Boomer is a responsible casino reviewer and submitting any personally identifiable data to the site, you get complete protection. The blog viewers agree to their information being treated under our policy. So please, be kind to check the document carefully prior browsing our website, using our services, links, etc.

This review applies to users’ data Boomer harvests, uses, discloses and which the blog has adopted to explain the next Privacy & Cookies Policy aspects:

  1. what nuances are picked up through our services and related companies,
  2. how Boomer and staff use these cookies
  3. how any 3rd parties treat the details,
  4. under what circumstances Boomer discloses such nuances.

Users Cookies & Etc.

Make sure you have a full understanding of how the thinks work here.

Cookies – text files stored on a gadget hard drive, typically, they don’t include any personally identifiable data. But this is the thing which makes using Boomer blog more comfortable by, among other things, saving a password, preferences for you.

To recognize our visitors, readers, and to exclude any privacy concerns, the files’ data with provided by our users are employed and then matched.

Please note that I, Boomer, express an earnest interest in better serving my readers and any abuse of the data is subject to our privacy policies protection in the first instance.

Cookie Data We Collection

Typically, 2 kinds of data are gathered through the blog: information that a reader provides yourself and which personally identifies our visitors; and one that we automatically harvest when you visit us.

Special Circumstances for Data Submit

In some circumstances, Boomer requests and provides you an opportunity for submitting some questionnaire details in regard to any aspect of CasinoBoomer blog usage.

  1. (a) biographical details: a name, maybe address, email, or contact number if asked;
  2. (b) the demographic data when joining us (your age, gender, etc.);
  3. (c) leave a statement on Boomer.

How We Use Client Data

With all due care, Boomer uses such information only in certain cases. 3 reasons are the basis. I may later contact you for supplying good promotional stuff, or to communicate with you about my content, or comments you have left or shared via Boomer. When carrying out your requests, responds or better marketing and technically serving you, the site uses the harvested info.

International Data Transfers

Boomer will only disclose personally identifiable data if receiving a legal or a regulatory demand from a foreign law body outside the EU. Otherwise, we ensure our clients’ protection and interests regarding any international information transfers from the viewpoint of legal language. Also, you should be aware that all such requests are carefully checked prior any disclosure. Contact us for more details.

Privacy We Guarantee

Boomer as founder of a trusted gambling directory has implemented all safety measures Boomer’s staff think appropriate as well as reasonable which will defend you from misuse, loss or information alteration.

I advise, however, though our site strives to provide info safety and privacy, I however cannot warrant the security of you disclose any data online, then either can’t be responsible for its theft and illegal opening.

Information Storage Time

And I keep data for no longer than it is required by this policy. When it is no longer needed, I ensure it is securely deleted or become anonymous.

Boomer Customers Rights

Any user of the site facing any illegal actions, can contact me and ask for erasing of details, access restriction or change, edit it in your discretion. Our customers agree approve of Boomer terminates the specific marketing material any day without your advance notice. However, I may provide notice of changes or terminations.

Boomer Privacy & Cookie Policy was last updated on February 4, 2019.