Guessing Why These Microgaming Casinos Insane. They Are Paying!

Rank Casino Bonus Action Review
1 100% up to $1,000
18+ | T&C Apply


2 100% up to $1600
18+ | T&C Apply


3 100% up to 150$
18+ | T&C Apply


Royal Vegas
4 $160 FREE
18+ | T&C Apply


5 25% up to $100
18+ | T&C Apply


All Slots

Briefly About Microgaming Casinos Review

Table of Contents

Some casino operators succeed and others, well, not so much. It is not by chance.

I know, you know that Microgaming is the most successful casino developer of the last 25 years. The company has produced over 1000 games up to 2019 available in Western Europe, and planned to be entering new territories in South America.

It developed the global’s first online casino in 1994 and, ten years later, the first phone friendly one (2004). It has the largest progressive jackpots’ network, having paid over €950 million up to the same 2019 and set the GUINNESS RECORD equivalent of €17m.

But take out a minute to ask any player in the gambling circle about the best Microgaming option right now and chances are there will be a collective shoulder shimmy. Why? There are over 700 gaming brands powered by Microgaming out there. Exactly. However just because you have trouble with making a choice, it doesn’t mean things are unfixable for Casino Boomer.

My advice: If you’re not reading Microgaming casinos reviews in your routine at least once a week (I prefer once a day), add to your bookmarks ASAP. Players tend to look for a true fan of Microgaming or a Netent, Wazdan, Betsoft casino software-geek that reclaim their belief in a fair play at the online casinos for real money – soft can be cool, but the operators itself can be irresponsible. We understand.

One more tip: Make sure you apply the given info after you attain years of discretion (18+) and before starting your real money betting.

Why Should You Care About Casino Boomer’s Spunky Microgaming Casino Reviews? means a powerful staff, obsessed with gaming, believe me, you want such people to be the first to come your way. You feel us? Well, now for naysayers, arguments in a Casino Boomer favor – listed below.

  • Microgaming is Casino Boomer’s favorite, as well as Netent, Wazdan, Betsoft
  • our precious gaming experience in reviewing the sites for 9+ years
  • are well-versed in responsible operators
  • skilled in cyber security defenses and privacy policy
  • gambling problems awareness
  • we are honest: too much stuff is declared, but not executed
  • because we care

Free time gaming can be all the pleasure these days thanks to a carefully selected group of operators, who run the gambling business! Years after my research of the reliable sources started and flawless casinos were singled out as potentially payable websites, my precious Microgaming casinos list takes over lots of customers.

FYI: any representative hasn’t been disappointed yet.

While some gamblers are still talking about the fact that there were a few events last year – recent fines by UK Gambling Commission, or shutdown of a number of Microgaming sites – I’m all about the winners and nothing else matters.

You don’t want to hear any excuses, do you? Either does our group. In fact, our experts have broadened our qualification criteria for the largely bred betting platforms to 100+ points, what helps us collect insanely generous betting operators only and that Casino Boom needs your opinion on.

Free cheese is only found in the mousetrap, isn’t it? Reasons for their bountiful paybacks are however well-grounded. Right. I’m just completely blown away myself.

Are Microgaming Casinos Operated by Responsible Operators?

Does this long list comprise Android-supported betting platforms like the one where one user took away €19m in a single progressive jackpot? The event happened in 2018, one mobile casino player won the prize with a bet worth 75 cents. Or should I consider mobile casinos operators to be preferred over others?

The conclusion will have to wait. The more as the rest of the winners were detected at desktop casinos – Spin Palace, Platinum Play, Guts, Jackpot City and Royal Vegas casino – at least three instant players hit the world-shaking jackpots playing through the Ruby Fortune, Leo Vegas, Guts casino browser as well as one appeared to be playing through iPhone.

Probably I will find a great many fans of particular Microgaming casinos, as if you know Betway casino or Casumo casino are the places, where slot bettors from the UK, European and non-European countries can make a history and hit another lump sum like it occurred in 2015 with a lucky devil online slots’ fan.

Still, which gambling houses do you think have been tested and ranked #1 internationally for decades? Top Microgaming places were different. So, I have made my own rating based on more than 40 leaders of various lists.

Spoiler Alert: Dozens of gambling houses that have entered it feature iOS, Android, Windows, pc, computer, tablets devices’ format of play. The most crucially is that they all have been creating the favorable environment for players winning long before those wins took place.

The Clues: Ever since these Microgaming casinos were new and they have abided by lawful, responsible, honest play rules. They have passed through various rigorous verifications to become the best on the market, and they have known for having the fullest collection of different certificates, approvals, and tests.

But to figure the things out we’re all going to have to review the leading global gambling bodies, independent agencies, regulatory commissions, organizations, treatment providers responsible for online gamblers protection.

Microgaming online casinos payouts


As you can guess right, having studied the subject, I’ve found an interesting fact, some owners not only had distinguished themselves in big payouts, grand awards, easy to use technology, but had been stood out as responsible and licensed gambling service providers.

And your New Clues: Microgaming casinos have to be flawless to do this role of leading gambling providers, so they turn to be in need of special certificates allowing them to service players on the legal grounds. Well hello to eCOGRA! The London-based company tests, approves, accredits operators worldwide by the legal gaming standards.


in 2003

According to the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance agency, some top Microgaming casinos’ return to player rates are among 96%-99%, they are shown publicly on the bottom of the casinos’ sites. This authorized testing body has gaming jurisdictions in Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark which ensures these operators function honestly and behave responsibly.

Make a point: eCogra does not undertake the responsibility for any consequences.


in 1998

But who is answerable for the mistakes, which happen, I would say, for too often? How do the best online casinos ensure they take ownership for them?

With a help of The Independent Betting Adjudication Service, IBAS, top casinos won’t be even able to leave their clients in any challenging situations. Fair enough, isn’t it? I’ve learned that if it provides web access to special services like this, which help solve problems of every disappointed customer, who sometimes isn’t aware of such option at all, this is a sign of trust.

Those, seeking treatment, answers on issues related to gambling, casino services, transaction problems and delays, first should make sure of the certificate at a casino. It should be a must on every website. God helps them who help themselves and choose a betting site carefully.

Gambling Commissions & Authorities

What if not a license cultivates a good public image of Microgaming online casinos as reputable? The trick is that not every approval is hard to get as well as it should be active. There are 2-3 gambling commissions approvals worldwide considered to be hard to get. To receive the reliable website, support and protection, pay a greater attention to the site choice of jurisdiction.

And taking into account such factors as reputation, licensing requirements, geolocation, taxation, I’ve put Malta, the UK authorities first. Lots of legal references, heights are gamblers’ biggest dreams, that says it has been awarded multiple times, too.

Malta Gaming Authority

in 2001

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) – Malta gaming control board has been regulating various forms of gambling in the territory since 2001. MGA License is definitely a serious and respected permit, it automatically ensures the prestige of a gambling establishment.

The audit goes in stages, a website will be legitimized only after having met requirements of all levels. This authority classifies online casinos as well as protects and supports in every way. But this is also a temporary certificate, always pay the website a visit and check if it is active by clicking on the logo at the foot of a casino main page.

UK Gambling Commission

in 2007

What is better for British and not only than ta Malta approval is an accreditation of the Gambling Commission from the United Kingdom, of course. The UK Gambling Commission – a regulatory body that was shaped in 2007, it licenses and regulates the people and businesses providing gambling in the industry in Great Britain.

Being in obedience to the Gambling Act of the UK Parliament passed in 2005, the regulations and requirements of the UK-based commission are considered to be stricter than elsewhere. They are open to a public, so you can check the strategies, approaches and various criteria for the work as well as monitor annual reports for yourself.

Problem Gambling Awareness

For as long as Microgaming casinos have existed, problem gambling has seemed to plague its population. And for almost as long, people struggling from gaming addiction have kept to shadows, unfairly cloaked in shame.

But this should slip away. Fair Microgaming casino operators have spent 2018 getting very real about struggles with gaming addiction and offering an opportunity to talk about the problems as well as an opportunity to simply release a bit of customers challenges and worries. To prevent yet another tragedy, there are NAFGAH and other organizations, which help online players.

Microgaming casino brand itself uses the promoted rules of responsible gambling, account options for self-exclusion. The added organizations, which fights against problem gambling worldwide, train the casinos customer support and a whole staff to treat the players. We’re talking about acknowledged communities, which are:

  1. BeGambleAware
  2. Responsible Gambling Council
  3. Remote Gambling Association
  4. GamCare

Oh, Yankee and Aussie Players? Go Away! You Can’t Play at Microgaming Online Casinos

Online gambling endured a rough past several years. However, I guess it is now able to shake the world off and that’s all possible thanks to Canadian and European Union governments which don’t restrict the activity within their territories.

It has been around 20 years since these and few more countries reemerged on the scene after the appropriate acts had been enacted. While the surrounding nation have and continue to ban it through many years, players all over the world look on Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark and others with admiring envy.

Despite the fact that gamblers live in different parts of our globe, all agree to that software Microgaming has the unchallenged reputation, and not without it respecting the law. I will now become “very specific” and speak within it.

So that as to from where you are, there is legal, illegal and something “not seen clearly” situations. The trend is to slowly regulate online gambling in terms of legislation throughout the world, but it really goes very slowly. Even the best casino offers to check it for yourself.

australia flagAustralian Players

Have Microgaming gambling houses thrown gamblers from a land down under? Everything was so good, wasn’t it? Some problems in the paradise? Ah, Australia! Where would gambling be without you? My answer: lost, probably. 80% of citizens are somehow involved in the business.

But recently, men and women of Australia have become “protected” by the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA) having come in force in 28 June 2001 by the government, which either like losing on taxes. It’s all about money. At least, it looks a lot so.

Making it illegal to provide casino services for physically present in the country companies, releases a legal technicality for offshore operators. The irony of it is that lots Microgaming casinos have been pushed off throughout 2017-2019 anyway. The software representatives are no longer available for another reason – taxes.

It’s all the fault of the IGA BillNeteller ewallet, PayPal, Ecopayz, Instadebit, Paysafe and Skrill methods haven’t been available for depositing or withdrawing since the last year. A lot of people were confused to find letters in the boxes about the brands massive exit or closing. It’s really tough, and this was a retrograde step, as far as I’m concerned. .

And that totally doesn’t reflect Australians’ love for Microgaming games casino which is never over. Bitcoin play is talked around as a way out. Isn’t a play for crypto any worse?Anyway, with digital money shifting it is the game itself to acquire any crypto, if you know what I mean.

brazil flagBrazilian Players

It is not fully legal to play in Brazil – literally. But some casinos provide Microgaming content to the customers. Go figure!

This country has got a plethora of eager to play online since the fifties and the reform, suggested in 2015, on structuring the business, which wasn’t accomplished, change little in that. Things are that those slots, tables fans who are thought to be, live in Brazil next years, will be imposed fines within 2,000 – 200,000 reais if caught participating in casino gambling.

canada flagCanadian Players

Canada Time! Reputable Microgaming casinos refuse even opening accounts, or processing bets and financial transactions for residents of Canada, by hard adventure there are no legal basis for that.

Insomuch as recent years mark the special time for players of 10 provinces and 3 territories that has the Kahnawake gaming commission within, only providers operate unlawfully on the territory according to the Canadian Criminal Code. Players actually can bet online legally as well as to find the software content accessible for real play, but you are to have a swot at finding the right place first.

denmark flagDanish Players

Aren’t you tired out of hearing all the bad news? Things are better in Denmark, actually. It goes the green light to it. Up to 2019 there are 3 hundred games available in desktop and mobile gaming formats across few casino brands, which are, (finally), compliant with all regulatory requirements of the DGA.

They have met the Software Testing Requirements. Curious fact regarding the Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden): all the way to legal play of super games of Isle of Man was thorny, to meet all the requirements only 10 owners have satisfied.

finland flagFinnish Players

The Finnish are same Aussies that love spend on lottery tickets, bingo, slots, sports betting annually. Do you want to know the official or real state of affairs with gaming in Finland? A number of websites, not really bad ones, serve them.

Still, on its official page, gaming Microgaming products is denied. However, the entrance on the market is not excluded in the future. Generally speaking, it can be possible if you choose a casino site carefully.

france flagFrench Players

Nay. It is legally prohibited. In terms of the laws of France, online providers including the reliable like Microgaming can’t lawfully offer casino games online except for sports betting, card games, horse race. So wouldn’t it actually be better to try another activity at the extreme?

germany flagGerman Players

Since 2012 Germany government no longer issues licenses, but the already accredited sites with a valid license may operate to its full duration. Microgaming offers a solution that complies the regulatory requirements of the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Interior (Der echte Norden).

ireland flagIrish Players

Yes, but first of all, you have to ask for permission the Ireland government, which issues licensing and taxation in the country. Thanks to the passing of the Betting (Amendment) Act in 2015, it is legally to have fun at launched Microgaming amusements. Sounds like great news! Only if you are not the Irish, otherwise, you’d know the nation prefers sports betting to online slots or tables.

new-zealand flagNew Zealand Players

While the bettors from New Zealand as much as their neighbors are eager simply focus on the quality gameplay, the government sees the gambling as an opportunity to increase its revenue.

Kiwis bet using overseas gambling sites, which are under the government regular review, and thus, go through the red light. But are they able to play online Microgaming casino games? Yet this market isn’t officially regulated by the company.

Microgaming software

south-africa flagSouth African Players

During my research into legality of reviewed online casinos operating over countries, it turned out to be illegal in most places as well as in South Africa. If you don’t know, they passed the National Gambling Act in 2004, which bans real money betting withing the country’s borders.

But after learning that the Internet players haven’t been yet charged with any of the breach of the law, people have no problem playing online. And Microgaming powered websites may just be the securest choice for them.

sweden flagSweden Players

If we take a trip to Sweden and stop by for a quick review of gambling legislation, you’ll find out that gambling of various kind isn’t officially prohibited in Sweden. Moreover, it is entirely legal for operators who got the special license. Our company is available in the country.

gb flagBritish Players

There are over 60 casinos Microgaming brand cooperates with on the territory of the United Kingdom. They comply with regulatory requirements of the country’s commission and accept hundreds of users to download casinos. The solution includes over 1,000 casino games available for play.

Since 2014, the company has been holding the required software’s license. It’s live on desktop Microgaming casinos, some mobile apps with plenty of the biggest operators in the gambling business.

usa flagAmerican Players

The USA law prohibits online casinos real money play, but the sense of the law is also misunderstood. The Act primarily restricts banking operations between casinos and people. Yet, the playing process is open. Everything is not so clear for users, but for Microgaming, it is entirely not allowed.

So that you won’t find a game or games Microgaming provides officially. Some Americans are determined to prevent the gambling laws from going through, however, already 5 states have loosened stranglehold on Internet betting services in:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Nevada
  3. Delaware
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. West Virginia

And in 4 more is planned to be done soon:

  1. New York
  2. California
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Michigan

What You Should Know About Microgaming Bonuses?

Real casino play gets closer and closer with each passing paragraph. At loose hours, many of the biggest Microgaming brands gather bettors together on their websites across the world.

Like the other award winning software companies in the industry, lots talked-about entertainments are to be in sight for free trying out, including famous VR Roulette, Jurassic Park, Dog Father, Wild Scarabs, Fish Party, Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck 2, Terminator, Game of Thrones and more progressive jackpot slots such as Major Millions, Mega Moolah and other interactive favourites. And Microgaming casinos that have better bonus programs will win the audience.

The variety of bonuses on welcome are also thought to be another parameter for gamblers’ choice. According to Casino Boomer analytic investigation, players will choose between 8 types of sign up propositions offered in the last 5 out 25 years. This year, welcome package type of offers won the first place in the quantity. Take a glance at the complete range of Microgaming bonuses and promotions at casinos online in 2019!

Welcome Bonus Package Review

It’s different for every casino player, but sometimes it just happens that you regret casino bonuses taking. Well let Casino Boomer tell you: Right now is not one of the times. Why? Because I as Casino Boomer have carefully curated a list of would-be practical promotions that a taker won’t regret. From casinos best money offers to exclusive duos of free cash and spins, these are all sign up packages everyone can bank on.

So all down-to-earth players please say I. Now that we have identified ourselves as people of great sagacity in money matters (sorry not sorry), now it’s time to figure out what the Microgaming bonus package is and which one is actually worth it and which is not.

Welcome Bonus Package, also known as a virtual casino sign up set of bonuses in the Internet casinos by Microgaming and not only, is another version of traditional promotions of free money and/or spins which you receive only once on your registry.

Online websites enable gamblers to register an account, make more deposits, play and wager on casino slot games, best mobile app and, sometimes, live dealer entertainments through their websites.

It is more likely to be a compound form of online match bonuses. In the turn, Match is a reward paid in percentage by the operator on players’ depositing or wagering. It has amount limits, specific to each kind.

Free Cash

If 2018 taught us anything, it’s that players aren’t the most responsible people when it comes to reading terms. From a quantity of deposits, seemingly never ending bank affairs to wagering requirements surprising amounts, no one cares even he would be facing the things afterwards.

Whatever the reason, whether it be a minimum deposit, timing or just a game restriction, plenty of users don’t realize that Matches differ by the criteria. One should be able to wait another promo to take and start the real money gameplay right.

Who doesn’t want to learn the subject is to rely upon me and on my altruistic desire to give you some advice. N-number of deposits made, approximately 3-5, will give you good odds for winnings. The sum of free cash is usually declared in the package. All I’m trying to say that you should have a quick look at the highest percentage with larger sums of free cash treats.

Having found such offer, I see absolutely no reason to delay the proceedings – make from 2 to 5 payments of at least $10-$20, enroll a special code if needed (the exact amount should be clarified in the terms), and receive the doubled gift. The wagering requirements of 30-60 times are applied. It would be a great proposition.

Free Cash and/or Free Spins

Better promos are the packages, when you get some money and a bunch of Free Spins on your deposits. They features slot machines play as issue up to 200 bonus spins to its claimer.

Newcomers adore the type of sign up despite the wagering requirements, which are higher. Things don’t always go to plan during gambling. And it’s always fun to see what percentage each brand does to set itself apart from the others.

No Deposit Bonus

Bonus which doesn’t require initial investing from a casino user is referred to no deposit promo. These can be free money or free spins bonuses, which you will get with ease of course after complying with its terms, which are to join, to play specific game content, etc.

Until then, no deposit free cash bonuses, free spins fans alike should be looking forward to $10 or 100 rounds that will be credited to an account after you complete your registry with a presumed gambling portal. Such offers may be limited to some country residents and include bonus codes, which you need to enter making such claim.

Casino reviewing sites will help you make things faster by offering short guides on how to get no deposits. I’m here to tell you about very high wagering requirements attached to them as well as to explain the difference between no deposit kinds.

Free Money

Ever since releasing first no deposit bonuses of $10 years ago, the UK players in a large part have been awarded with the gifts, no deposit free money hunters appeared.

Some are still hoping to hear news about the offers at Microgaming casinos, but the situation is that they are slowly passing out. Its basically the most attractive treat for newbies, and most people know at least about that it is free. No minimum payment is needed.

Plus, you will test some games for real cash before investing your own means and operators know how people like the no deposits. But something about it is particularly warning. Gamblers have limits on bet sizes of 5-8 pounds while cash-out wagering requirements suppose thousands of euros.

Bonus Spins

Never regret having no deposit bonus spins though! They are referred to slot machines free play on a sign in. Making 200, 100 fast spins even at a minimum bet without depositing can satisfy all the requirements for withdrawing the no deposit wins. They oftentimes feature Microgaming progressive or new slots which only increases the excitement.

High Roller Bonus

Typically, High Roller Bonus is a match promo with higher than average upper limits which satisfy the possibilities of punters who make higher wagers.

In 2019, Microgaming casino high rollers will turn their larger deposits into 50% bigger amounts making their way to high balance, individual manager, unique and safe service, entrance to tournaments, draws, broadening of account powers, lower wagering for high roller bonuses, excellent contact support, and promotions.

Ongoing Promotions

Operators pull out the best to make their services memorable and desired. From perfect welcome to exciting ongoing gifts for already registered clients, owners know that they have to break the mold to receive players’ attention, the more especially when its from high rollers. So, they continue their giveaways on a daily, weekly basis.


At the same time, you may get upon a variety of promos known as cashback. It can be 10%-50% cashback on future losses, for example. According to general conditions, you are to gamble away on a certain sum while operators are ready to return you back.

Microgaming casino games

Any New Microgaming Casino Sites in 2019?

It’s 2019 and it’s time for new Microgaming casino sites, the interesting part of my research! I as Casino Boomer will reveal another trend, which means it’s time to pull out the clues to start agonizing over the latest casino brands. No one was truly surprised to find out that adding more software providers would be a must-have in the near future.

Few titles have been unmasked by me so far after gaining the larger audience and testing their games performances. I can’t say I am happy to see many new online casinos, either I’m not shocked by the reveal that Microgaming is still #1 among Red Tiger, and my collection of the NetEnt casinos, etc.

Does Microgaming Software Suck in 2019?

All relatively new products are no true hits as of yet. And I’ve taken off the mask of all “new in” entertainments which were designed and created by Microgaming software in 2019, revealing them to be slots in general:

  • Diamond Empire,
  • Temple Tut,
  • Poke the Guy,
  • Fortunium,
  • Robin of Sherwood,
  • Exotic Cats,
  • Rainrew,
  • Sidewinder,
  • Cash of Kingdoms,
  • Romanov Riches,
  • Reel Talent,
  • Astro Legends,
  • Crystal Rift,
  • Icy Gems,
  • Slowdown Saloon,
  • Book of Oz,
  • Lucky Firecracker
  • Roulette,
  • American Roulette,
  • All Aces video poker.


Today slots players up! Microgaming has shared 800-850 slot machines with Microgaming slots casinos. It has enlarged their huge and popular jackpot slot collections with about 30 new games for 2018-2019. Having run deeper than imagined, I’ve discovered innovative Playboy Gold slot created in the studios like “Triple Edge” novelty.

All fresh content is of various themes, style. Each month, you see 1-2 new reel machines, in their turn they also have different lines, features amount. However, the most successful are 243, 1,024 win ways which directly cover horizontal lines with zig-zag and diagonal ones and produce more win combinations.

Table Games

Next, we’ve got table games to enjoy, about which Microgaming was announcing earlier. These are downloadable and flash blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, keno etc. Each of dozens of items has got the perfect HD graphics and improved sounds. Finding myself at the section a month ago, along my study, I uncovered nothing new in the flash scratch cards portfolio though.

Live Table Games

The company is also positive about released Microgaming casino live dealer games and their high-definition of video streaming, multi-language support and multi-window live play. Could 2019 be the year of casinos live games? It’s likely to be.

Rumors about a potential rise of live roulette, blackjack amusements have been swirling for some time and still continue to heat up, especially since brands have taken to broadening the selection of classic games through its platform Quickfire, which casinos have been utilizing for a quick integration and your stable performance of their flash catalogue of 400 titles since 2010.

And they have got so much going on in the development direction and it’s always about just getting through new features, technologies and a hundred different improvements. To make my play experience much fun, I played casino room dealers who belong to the Playboy Live Dealer studio, another brand’s creative concept of varying gaming.

Microgaming vs Other Software Developers

What I know so far, many great software developers are here to give Microgaming a run and players more of what we might not have tried in their life. First up, I’ve got to the action and made the software comparison, which was last updated on 25 Jan 2019. So all information is relevant. All rights reserved: I rated the companies and their products myself.

Listen, I was going to rate each (obviously) and you’re not gonna see the maximum the whole time. The scores ranges from 1 to 5. For everybody who are ready to be amazed by my statistic survey, which is a bit chilling, to be honest, you’re welcome. What I know so far, providers’ graphic, gameplay, sound, reels slots, tables quantity are on the next stages:

Provider Graphics Gameplay Slots Table Games Sound
Microgaming 5 5 600 250 5
Netent 5 4 150 50 5
Playtech 5 4 400 100 4
Wazdan 4 4 70 20 4
Play’n Go 5 4 95 30 5
Betsoft 4 5 100 50 4
Pragmatic Play 4 4 130 80 4
Endorphina 4 3 65 25 5
Yggdrasil 4 4 75 20 5
Red Tiger 5 3 50 5 3

In addition, the gambling industry estimates that at any given time, you may get a taste of hundred recommended choices like Casumo, Betway, Dunder, Bitstarz, 32Red, Slotty Vegas, Platinum Play, Palace, Video Slots casinos having 1 or 50 software alike. The multiple software choice might be presented within a single gambling house.

But with Novomatic, Habanero, Yggdrasil Gaming, Netent, Microgaming, Elk, Thunderkick, Aristocrat, WMS, IGT, Bally, Cryptologic, Nextgen Gaming, Quickspin, NYX, Evolution Gaming software providers and Playtech casinos reviewed, one having magic powers brand floats to the top, it’s Microgaming.