5 NetEnt Casinos – The New Black ⚫

Rank Casino Bonus Action Review
1 up to 200% up to €1,200 + 200 free spins
18+ | T&C Apply


2 100% up to $100 Match Bonus + 200 Free Spins
18+ | T&C Apply


Mr Green
3 100% up to €200 Welcome Bonus + €10 Extra Cash
18+ | T&C Apply


4 1100% up to £100/€140/$200
18+ | T&C Apply


5 up to 200% up to €100 + 100 extra spins
18+ | T&C Apply


Guts Casino

Briefly about NetEnt Casinos Review

Table of Contents

You wanted novelty? Oh, you got Netent online casino. Many websites now appeared to be powered by the provider from Sweden, famous for innovative developments and production of the highest quality equipment. Haven’t you noticed that? Nothing comes from nothing, herewith, that also happened for a reason. And Boomer is on the way to discover each and all of them.

So, the story started way back before the NetEnt “BIG BOOM”. In 1996 three young out-of-nowhere enthusiasts took a challenge and made their decision to find a company by themselves as the story goes.

Net Entertainment wasn’t that spectacular those days, the brand-new software like my latest catalogue of recently launched brand new online casinos was unknown to the public and even had difficult to pronounce title that might have been banned by modern marketing experts. Sure, eventually, for users convenience, the abbreviated name has been shortened to Netent which we know so well now.

Who knew they would finally grant our wish in 2019: to experience extraordinary gambling at an online casino? This headliner brings in everyone’s favorite TV series as Vikings to the online casinos world and more of interactive games to their players.

To have sneak peeks at more of the developer video slots, blackjack, roulette, scratch cards, video poker, it is likely you will visit top 5 Netent casinos mentioned in my table above, which are also carefully selected by no other than Boomer, who has been an old hand at sorting out and further rating the casino operators all over the globe since the beginning of 2009.

Do Netent Online Casinos Give Hell to Others in 2019?

A legion of critics is tearing into the best ones today. Oh, you might be one of them, what’s more, I might be among them too. Would the company stand my critical review? Let’s check it up as software as well as their sometimes irresponsible brand operators can’t be missed out by Boomer, as no other proclaimed to be the world’s leading providers in iGaming.

People come under several headings. Some do not recommend it, because of the limitless range of games, only a few hundreds as compared to other casino entertainments developers, another have no idea what provider of the games they play.

But, you won’t believe, Boomer is in the wait for another masterpiece from not the company but companies, which include Netent Americas LLC and Net Entertainment Malta Ltd, which are also blamed for outranking the other big software suppliers in the business, we all know but don’t say aloud here 😉

Whoever would have thought it would be the entity? Anybody who has read the reviews about the provider on forums and other platforms like mine where people share opinions and gaming experience of their products. And the best online entertainment of 2019 by the GGA was announced Jumanji, the best of Net Entertainment casinos’ slot games, so you know.

Anyway, their interface of the games looks so familiar, even for newbies, it is hard to put a value on the almost invisible work of the developers, designers under the CEO command, Therese Hillman, who seems to be a cool lady, because all innovations relate to subtle details.

They refer to the technical part of the things, I’m going to guide you through today too. Of course, the interested us questions of security, legacy, payability, bonuses, legality acknowledge are touched in my review.

Jumanji slot

Why Netent Casinos

So can software spark a revolution? Netent can do a lot of things. The company games can move players to tears, force experts to rethink the perspective on online gaming, even introduce us features of Netent games, operators and gamblers never knew existed.

They can truly be a revolutionary force for some changes. 2018 has come to the end, and once again, we could never have guessed at the start of that year that this is where we’d end up in 2019. The final five websites for thrill-seekers came down to Netent online casinos, with at least two other software leaders in the list.

However, the Swedish provider won the first place, securing his spot in the final choice of players, and immediately left the others far behind. And it turned out the selection wasn’t actually closed. So let’s go past through major points the international gaming influencers assigned to the advantages of already more than 100 Netent casino operators.

  • Mobile Casino Product of 2019
  • 2-time Casino Platform Winner
  • Global
  • Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot
  • 100% Fair
  • Simplicity
  • Recognized by the UK, Malta Authorities

CasinoModule – No Bullshit

There is a specific of a play and many don’t even turn on some parameters which are hidden from unknown-with-it eyes. Before I come over to the particular recommendations, we will talk about the first serious development of Net Ent casinos.

In 2000, the experts of the company launched their first serious project and in 2002 the guys presented software they called Casino Module, later awarded for simplicity, convenience and functionality – everything people so love about the company. The software has been easily implemented on multiple electronic platforms.

In addition, the direction allowed to play in online casinos in a Java application, thanks to which it gained popularity among online gamers. In 2006, Net Ent Slot received the first prize and recognition. Hereafter, you have already known that the company took almost every prize in the Global Gaming Awards in London, Italy, the EGR and others so far.

NetEnt Touch

The biggest splash that has come out of 2019 so far (aside from CasinoModule, which is still incredible) is that NetEnt Touch has been developed by the specialists. The operators quickly got on the case, and hundreds of them implemented the novelty, allowing to set up Netent online casinos on Android and iOS smartphones.

The thing I’m most excited about at this point is seeing Netent casino mobile and maybe actually got to meet an option to play live dealer casino online on mobile devices. The provider may not have won the reward as the best live dealer software yet, but it did win the experts hearts including mine.

How come Net Ent have signed dozens of agreements for creating live dealer solutions, technical equipment where would be possible to find the websites to play and you didn’t know about it? Do you think that’s all?

Everything they do turn to excellent project realization the next thing appeared to be as well. This improvement relates to mobile casinos play enhancement. The company is proud of its UX/UI thing. But most of the users can’t appreciate the feature as getting used for improvements for too fast in the world of fast changes we are living now.

NetEnt Touch

Mobile UX/UI – What Is This?

Most people are practical, but we also appreciate a good trend. After all, it is experts job to scour the gaming portals, keeping a close eye on what the best casino operators are implementing so we can relay it to players.

And when we notice a certain feature popping up in every popular online casino, Boomer is in the full investigation mode. You’re right, we’re talking about Mobile User Interface (UX/UI) for NETENT Casino Games.

It’s a contemporary style, but lately it’s been everywhere and I couldn’t help studying it. Upon first glance, this certain feature just has the simple and clear interface — you know that Chroma Key technology giving you these infinite possibilities. We love the supplier for the graphic and interaction design, the perfect mix between simplicity and quality.

Netent online casinos got both design and functionality. The mobile UX/UI also got that, and while it may claim to be an ordinary enhancement of the software, you cannot convince us it’s not an actual miracle.

It makes players experience unforgettable, careless and fun. That’s not possible without actual magic! It also has a multitude of new useful features, and it’s mystifying in the way that almost makes me and other suppliers mad. How?!?!

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Portrait & landscape mode
  • Unique differentiation possibilities
  • Seamless graphics and sound
  • Customized promotions
  • Outstanding acquisition- and retention tools
  • 25 languages- and currencies: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, etc.
  • Cross selling opportunities

Casino Cafe

NetEnt knows how to both make players happy and promote their brand for online operators at the same time — just take a look at Casino Cafe for another proof. In my review of the second offer of the module below, exclusive to Boomer readers, they will reveal that it is ideal for small and medium-sized slots casinos with Netent’s licensed video slot machines.

Now it’s time to obsessively dissect the meaning behind Netent Casino Cafe true worth as it plead guilty… to being fabulous. This is a dream come true for the players on the go and owners of gaming house – fast, cheap, qualitative and allowing easily to keep track of the difficulties platform. Due to it, the gaming operators still have access to the Internet while your gameplay may be going on in offline mode.

However, for me, this is obviously a wink at another problem — giving that efficiency, quality of function to operators without the need of many staff, the easy to pass-through integration also opens the doors for dummy operators, you know. The implementation within a couple of days and without much of investing sounds too good to be true. And still, I advise checking casino providers by yourself.

You simply may read recommendations, review, responses and other kinds of people testimonials before coming over to a real money account registry. The very least, you may choose to play at one of the leaders of my list. It is very likely you will be satisfied with the choice.

NetEntertainment Games – Swiss Quality

Just ahead of the provider merits disclosure, where each of the specifics is supposed to bring players unparalleled joy and achievements. I am secure enough in the Swiss quality of fun casino products to introduce them to my readers.

And Net Entertainment casinos slots, roulettes, sic bo, blackjack, poker and other games literally strengthen the self-assurance of Swiss quality products at home and abroad. Players will be enjoying his time at Net Entertainment online casino hours after entering a place.

NetEnt online casino games

Experts confirmed that the developers have been launching 200 items of content for online casinos by now. The symbolism of the figure is exactly subtle, because for every year of over 20 years of the company existence there have been released 10 amusements which are fully thought out by the qualified masters with their usability for players in the minds.

But I wonder if it is a lot to ask of honest casinos, knowing that, regardless of all the passion behind the developers and the staff, the owners are still the product of a multi-billion dollar commercial gaming industry. After all, what’s the one thing successful industries try to escape?

Revolution. And that’s the question I pose to the innovative company making its way to the glory through multiple breakthroughs. And the answer for random players, when it comes to this very provider, is a yes. In fact, it already has.

I explored a lot of hot gaming options in a lot of different areas (both old and new) and ultimately found that the quality and detail of their games are far superior than a player typical choice. I revealed the entity takes the matter seriously. About this I will tell you next.

NetEnt Online Casinos Don’t Screw Players Over

Is it only business for Netent casinos? I popped the question if this is only business for the operators and software company. The representatives rip to shreds any news by sharing a post about the responsible gaming rules they keep to, the organizations, they apply for a help and study of the staff and all of the things relating or somehow causing gaming addiction or problem gambling.

This information is publicly shown and gives all the fans a clear view of the situation which appeared to emerge every time we think of excessive use of time spent on gaming. Their must-to-be-kept directives also confirmed the idea of responsible play by sharing the links to special agencies, websites and centers on their platform.

Reviewing Net Ent casinos payouts was barely the most dramatic thing that happened to me, as big and declared numbers, which all the gamblers had been talking about when they advised us to pay attention to that there were some gambling houses which could be trusted.

Casino high rollers pretty immediately named some of their brands, claiming that apparently, they’d been talking about becoming the best sites for real money betting online and actually saying they were ready to invest in big money.

Casinos Big Payouts – Check This Out

Sure, you should understand that everything in the gaming world is relative and once you look through the list of top gambling websites, you’d better learn more about its reputation on the market first and how it matches your needs.

Each real money gamer is advised to draw his special attention to various signs and approvals, I’m once again going to reveal some signals which sound good to Boomer: licenses that guarantee your safety, RNG tests and accreditation, are the major things, the detection of which mostly results into a player immediate joint to their fans.

It looks like Netent online casino pulls off quite interesting proposals, too, what makes the decision on one particular place even harder. Online bettors can spot no deposit and some deposit bonuses on the Net Entertainment casinos.

A good casino should also publish the licenses, RNG and RTP rates, virus free, responsible gaming authorities approvals and other signs of Netent online casino verification. They influence its reputation. I’m certainly well aware of the possible international authorities for the occasion, too. Let’s check them together.

NetEnt online casino service


This would be shocking on multiple levels, because eCogra seems like real frontrunners in testing gaming products for their fair work took upon operators of Net Entertainment casinos. I got used to see its sign among the biggest gambling houses online.

And I am also glad that Netent casinos also believe the independent observe of the things is a good practice, and many users have been hearing some “rumors” of the UK agency trustworthy behavior for 16 years. All I know is that this eCogra shows the competence of testing online gambling software, systems with several jurisdictions, including the Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark.

They’re apparently showing us not all data, because there’s no way people can embrace 500 worldwide compliance reviews the company has performed to date. Good news for us. Experts are always gonna give you the advice that you need whether you wanna hear it or not. Despite viewing the eCogra seal, you apparently wasn’t going to click on it.

However, if you do, you will be able to check the casino results by slots, tables and entire collection of games return to player amounts as well as to investigate if that approval is active now. While it is honor to have it on the website, any accreditation should be renewed like every six months.

Malta Gaming Authority

They say they love challenges. What is a better than going through the rigorous Malta Gaming Authority inspection? If heading to the authority site, you will see how they do their work. The entire review consists of licensing, certifying, permitting, approving and providing statistics to online gamblers at the casinos.

In 2015 Net Entertainment online casino got its first license from the body. This fact means that from the moment the provided option to play casino games officially has been meaning real chances for your winning. On the site, there is no deception and monetary requisitions and all deals are transparent. But gambling is about having fun, real money one, and sometimes we, players, fairly lose and in the case you can’t afford the activity, there’s no point.

Otherwise, I advise looking for the approval primarily. You don’t have to go too far to detect the sign. When you review any of websites, check it at the bottom of the site. The authority focuses on checking the security, fairness and other parameters before giving the place its recognition.

UK Gambling Commission

Casinos, have always to be who players want them to be. The honest place, you know, with the UK Gambling Commission check. Was it easy for Netent online casino to comply with an international gaming code of the next body?

I made a surprise reveal about Netent casinos current status according to the UK Gambling Commission. I wanted to share some good news. Their expert team confirmed that the company can operate in the UK market.

The big announcement would be a surprise to many people, because the software operation goes on under a temporary license since new regulation was settled by the commission last autumn 2018. So, websites having the logo are under the effective control for the customers to be of eligible age, which is a responsible UK players core value too.

To regulate competently the various sectors of the gambling houses that fall under their Authority and ensure that gaming is fair and transparent, preventing crime, corruption and money laundering and by protecting minor and vulnerable players. Moreover, if you take a look at the document, you’ll see that there have been no sanctions on the part of software.

Gibraltar Gambling Body

The popular casinos also represent services in countries where the Gambling Act 2005 is active, first in Gibraltar. Such license as this means the place is reputable, of good financial standing and with a realistic winnings payout.

Another regulatory company looking after your operator to provide safety of your data, respect for your rights and privacy over the Internet, we should appreciate for hard work. Before suiting up to become a legal player in the industry, the company has to be approved by one more body, the Gibraltar Gambling, responsible for issuing codes of practice in accordance with the provisions of the Act. He also reportedly has a child with a woman from a previous relationship..

It’s Fuckin’ Awesome – Netent Casinos Are Everywhere

Netent casinos successful launch is a dream come true. I surfed the software official site to look for the regulated markets of the latter, and the provider claims entering into “absolutely” all parts of the world.

The things couldn’t have gone better in the sense of its fast popularization, it is presented almost in specifically every European country what I would have added. Italia saw it in 2011, then went Denmark a year later, and Spain issued license for Netent online casinos operation in 2015.

At least according to the Netent promo, the UK, New Jersey, Portugal, Romania and the Czech Republic were next. My version is a bit other, and inspired by real money users of the service. And we are fortunate that their games are accessible in more places than others a million times, almost. I expanded its area of effect on the UK and… the USA territories. Really, that is awesome, isn’t it?

NetEnt Casino Bonuses to Raise Money – Check out Boomer Favorite

Sign up Day is a favorite for obvious reasons, but there’s a bonus reason we’re fans: free spins and cash. As with many Netent casinos comes a plethora of propositions on games players have had the eyes on. Those entertainments of chance with easy rules? Yeah, those popular video slots that are currently reduced from $200 down to $20 as averagely required by a minimum deposit.

Or if this 500 dollars atop of your deposit, with an ability to spend on any amusement you like. And if you’re on the hunt for something free, from slots, table to card casino entertainments, they have got you. Better learn the terms and specifics before they get you in!

NetEnt online casinos payouts

Great Sign Ups

So for Boomer, I kind of wanted to take a little bit from blackjack and slots casino performance — I really loved what Netent casinos propose in the sign-up packages — and then lots for free slot play.

I really like when operators give away 100, 200 fs and even 300 bonus spins for newcomers, I also say you also naturally have to do your own review, with some expert help. I have a chance to use my own experience. I also know lots of experts and casino reviewers are going to — as you’ll see, as the cash out comes out.

But you gotta make it your own and first of all for yourself, I had my own tactics to use in search of restrictions, nuances and then I just kinda check the promotions and the perspectives with the list.

You will find in today’s Welcome or Sign up bonuses terms, revealing some big news to online casino newbies to face up, relating to upper and lower limits for deposits/withdrawals/bets and much more.

For more from bonuses particular features on claiming, receiving, using and how to choose the best casinos option for further winning and the rewards withdrawal, get familiar with every type in particular below!

Free Spins & Free Cash “Feeding”

When it comes to “feeding” the operators lure the potential and steady clients, it’s not only about the free dollars. Any player understands the importance of a pair of extra bets in making a session the winning.

As casino slots remain in full swing online, operators of Net Entertainment casinos have not only sent dazzling free spins, but also layered their propositions with extra desired money: from $10 to hundreds and thousands of dollars, euros, etc.

From experiencing hits like Jumanji to try our Live dealer blackjack mobile, there has been a bonus fit for every need and vibe. The same can be said of other software casinos offers, ranging from no deposit to deposit casino bonuses. But amounts and terms to receive and follow you will want from Net Entertainment casinos. See for yourself in my gallery of the best Netent online casino promos above.

No Deposit

Finally, after a long search, I have got upon few no deposits, and since it is an occasion of celebrating my happiness, it seems only fitting to take a look at the games, their graphics and music, some visual effects, especially after having made few real bets for gratis. You may have rediscovered your passion on the freebies, but that doesn’t mean all is totally well in the offers.

The best packages have the first match of deposit free type with 25-30 free bets for online slots play. Later, when you proceed playing for your money, you’ll get up to 200 free spins for gratis betting. In order to get some, there are codes for such bounties. Sometimes, websites reviewing online casinos give their clients exclusive bonuses no deposit codes which they may change for spins after registering with a particular place.

Such promos expire after a month or so. Though it is used for testing, all wins are real and in a case of one was fortunate, the bonuses have a wagering requirement of 25-50 times. Take a scroll on through the full terms, and then cashout the gains.

But of course they’re not the only thing or the only wanted bonus the gaming world got to offer, so let’s see where we would be if making a minimum deposit or two, shall we? To see how things may change throughout the rest of bonuses of such packages, you will need 20-25 euros as for the start.


Now, just try not to spend all of your savings at once! Net Entertainment casinos can be quiet tempting when it comes to deposit bonus. That is not bad, but a big number of offers makes it hard to reduce the choice to one particular website and its proposition.

The study of the UK gambling commissions said in the analyzing research that an average client of an online gambling house has more than one account, probably, that was related to Netenet casinos customers.

As it takes you only few euros to start playing and winning with already doubled sum on the balance, and it is likely you’ll see a bunch of the deposit free spins for Netent slots gameplay on your account. The wagering terms for the spins bonus apply too.

Up to 1000 can bring you back into play, and by the end of the sessions, extra cash or deposit spins are not only proving how good they are still to have them as the reserve, but they are helping to win large rewards.

Holy Truth from Boomer about Bonus Terms

Here’s another reason why this bonus system works: this is a promo where terms and conditions apply, but this’s still a free offer. Listen, we love freebies, but if there’s no wagering requirements, we wind up feeling like more of noncashable and less of a good bonus. The wagering requirements are a term connected with an amount of cash you have to wager before cash winnings out thanks to bonus.

We’re not talking about 100 times higher amounts here, just a classic 20x-30x of that play-through requirement which is within the players power to meet. (And yes, we would categorize these a good pick — just another great bonus).

Also of note: They’re versatile. These high wager bounties are super flexible in the use. But you can also should mind the sums of allowed bets, particular games for application or other exclusive terms by a gaming operator. So there you know it: Your new vision for freebies. Any questions?

Other Software Suck Compared to NetEnt Live Portfolio

When it comes to NetEnt Live, its portfolio can’t be beaten… and it won’t be. Is software again just being the best? When it comes to a live casino, the latest news are about the company and its close collaboration with players in designing more products for the portfolio.

I found their 4 items best for the first time in 2017. You know, when I could play the games at lightning speed. They offer to enjoy an excellent user experience, offering operators to customize their fantastic rewarding campaigns.

Since they first started live performance of popular blackjack, poker games in 2010, the 23-year-old Sweden-based brand has enjoyed making their fans happy. In recent months 4 kinds of the live casino entertainments have appeared to increase the live gaming popularity among users, which they often are afraid to try out. However, you will be informed each step of the way, so you won’t participate blindly.

This is like, you are in the traditional casino, talking to dealers, getting advised on rules, stakes and more, there are many things of showing just how much fun it is. Yes, lots has changed for the people since the Internet gaming began providing casino amusements via stable payments online.

Despite my knowledge about rewarding Netent I decide to give you an inside look at a whole range of provoking the competition Microgaming casinos and other today biggest live providers. You’ll find the listed alternatives for having the best adventure ever here:

Live Provider Graphics Gameplay Sound Content
Netent 5 5 5 4
Microgaming 4 4 5 5
Playtech 5 4 4 9
Evolution Gaming 5 4 5 17
Play’n Go 5 4 5 3
Extreme Live Gaming 4 4 4 3
Pragmatic Play 4 3 3 3
Visionary Gaming 3 4 3 4

Time to Play! Selection of Games at NetEnt Casinos

In a search of some inspiration? Take a look at game content of award winning Netent online casinos. As another year leaves its mark on the industry, it also launches dozens of new entertainments, newest features and prizes for online casino users to draw inspiration from, try out and perhaps like so much that they become part of their life.

Sure, top lists around the world are home to some of the most creative and dazzling casino amusements, though if your daily schedule consists more of video slots than card or table games, there are still ways to bring some freshness to your everyday play — especially when it comes to the online game trends that are born in the houses.

Vikings, based on one of my favorite TV series, and free spins on Starburst, so this is kind of a no-brainer that the betting websites happen to be most visited sites of Boomer. And it is kind of a dream come true to see so much work of Netent team and how they are able to bring life to the character in each slot machine. But for experts only, it is possible to rate all 200 games and compile the list of 12 remarkable products.

If you are now seeking to play with famous heroes and have reached out to million jackpots, Boomer is now reporting that the grand 12 will be holding the leading positions for this year. There is no need in your immediate response to the titles. But I know the only hits you will enjoy are listed below:

  • Netent beach
  • Starbust
  • Dead or Alive
  • Diamond dogs
  • O Mega Joker
  • Jackpot 6000
  • Blood Suckers
  • Archangels: Salvation
  • Fruit Spin
  • Twin Spin Deluxe
  • Alien Robots
  • O Kings of Chicago and Sim Salabim

There’s no nice way to put this, but losing is just never cool. It’s a real dilemma for online players, when you win some money, but wasn’t able to perform a cashout. Agree? So how does Boomer gracefully handles such situation? By investing his time and cash in trusted casino websites only — that’s how.

There’s actually quite a few ones out there and trust me whether you win or lose there, they get their job done right. There would be no little things to take care of, which distract from a play itself, so it would be just thinking over your wrongs and rights and trying to just figure out how to win a game, what strategy to use, etc.

Altogether, I believe that every year that goes by, especially one that doesn’t result in your success, is another opportunity for casino players to achieve it by looking for more alternatives. Now I think you are to consider Net Entertainment.